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Acoustic Panel Services Manufacturer (APSM) offers wide range of services and products which are related to operable walls, acoustic folding doors and acoustic movable partitions. We provide the services for aligning and servicing as well as repairing the movable partitions.

Flexible space planning is the key to cost-effective building design. To meet the needs, Acoustic Panel Services has developed a range of 'Flatwall' partition systems that make the most of an internal space to multi-purpose buildings such as hotels, schools, exhibition and conference areas, restaurants and where space is at a premium. 

Acoustic Panel Services manufacture the MP - series movable partition systems which are practical, durable and presentable. The systems are custom made and all partition panels are based on a strong and rigid steel frame that is built to last.

Acoustic Movable Partitions are mostly used in convention halls, banquet halls, meeting rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, classrooms, audio-visual areas, multi-purpose rooms and any place where reliable sound control plus flexible use of space is needed.


OUR SERVICES : Repairing, servicing and re-aligning movable partitions are available for nationwide and worldwide where we do repair and service the spoilt movable partitions which encountered difficulties in lockset mechanisms, alignment issue (unaligned movable partitions), hanging rollers, track systems, sound transmission issue & etc. professionally.

Sound Level Meter
•  We are using the Sound level meter to ensure the sound quality control in various environments and to meet client's requirements.


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